Monday, June 24, 2013

eShakti - Finding a Dress That Will "Do"

eShakti Michelle dress - ordered this with short sleeves - mid-calf length  - custom sized. We'll see how it fits!

You would really like to dress up a little and are looking for a dress to wear, but nothing suits you.
I know.
It's impossible to find them.
It's impossible to get them clean when you get baby grack on them.
It's impossible to afford them. Who can spend $80 - $100 on a dress that your toddler is going to wipe their nose on 10 minutes after you get it on?

Well, guess what? I found the most awesome site, ever.

This place is called and they make custom fit and ready-to-wear dresses, blouses and skirts for women of every size from 0 - 36 W.  Seriously, awesome. And affordable.

I got my first eShakti dress two weeks ago. I ordered the dress above (only I had them put sleeves on it and make it mid-calf length - yes, you can do that for less than $10).

I was so nervous. I never order clothes from catalogs or online because they never fit right. I am a big woman and I have big trust issues. So, I checked their return policy just to be sure that if it was a complete disaster, I could send it back. That's what convinced me to take the chance.  If you don't like the dress, you can return it for a refund, or they will give you a gift card worth 20% more than you paid for your dress because they want to get it right.  But I didn't need to worry. This picture to the right is me, in my new dress.

Seriously, this dress is beautiful. The craftsmanship is beautiful, the color is spectacular, the fabric is lovely (polished cotton poplin) and it is so cool that I don't even mind having sleeves on in the heat of the summer.

I was so impressed that I bought another one for myself and one for my daughter, too.

Poppy field shift dress - for Celia
This is the dress I bought my daughter.
No sleeve option, but a customizable dress length.
eShakti has a great hook. They have these great dresses, priced at about what you might pay at Macy's or Lane Bryant and then they give you discounts.  The dress I bought my daughter - embroidered, custom-sized and shipped - cost me $30!  Beat that!

They have a variety of styles and colors. Even if your thing is not Retro inspired fashions, you'll probably find something that you like.  There are prints and solids, lace and cotton and polyester, maxi dresses and even skirts and blouses. Sorry, no pants, Simcha - though I totally sympathize.  ;)

This is definitely the fashion find of the year. It's an affordable way to incorporate dresses and skirts back into your wardrobe and make sure they fit right.

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