Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Taking time for my daughter

So often I am on the run with a vengeance. That goes for the rest of my family, too. Frequently, we are running until the very last second we can hold our eyelids open. Tonight, however, was an early night. I had a short rehearsal for a gig this weekend and then nothing else. Michael went to bed early, The Prince was off playing with some friends, and The Princess was on the phone, so I just went out and sat down by the remnants of the fire we used to cook dinner and kind of relaxed in the quiet evening on my back porch (OK, it's a deck...The Princess tells me, "Get over it, Mom. You have a deck.")

So, I was very surprised when The Princess told the friend she was on the phone with "good-bye" so she could come sit on the deck with me for a few minutes and visit. And I heard her, she really did hang up just to talk to me and promised that she would call the friend back when I went to bed.

I was truly shocked! A teenage girl without a phone growing out of her ear is like a hockey player with all of his own teeth. She didn't really have anything earth-shattering to tell me. She just wanted to visit, to tell me about her dance class and show me her new steps. We talked about all that and then we talked about our container garden and how well it was doing, and how nice it was to have a few minutes to spend at home, alone, without the boys.

So we sat. We moved all the plants on to the porch in case the coming storm was packing some hail. We watched the sunset and watched the clouds roll in. We listened to the neighborhood settle in for the night and chatted...about nothing in particular.

And it was wonderful...God is SO good!

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