Sunday, October 26, 2008

An amusing family story

My sister, Sarah, moved into her very first house a couple of weeks ago. She has been living in apartments and townhouses, but this is the first stand-alone, single-family house she has lived in since she moved out of my parents house several years ago.

Of course, there were all the usual headaches associated with the move: getting the utilities turned on, finding people to help you move your stuff, figuring out where to put all your stuff in the house you thought was just perfect, but is actually just a smidge small...

So, Sarah called the Gas company to get them to turn on the heat, but, because life is never easy, they couldn't come until three days after the big move. So, Sarah gutted out the shower-less days, waiting for the gas guy to come turn on her gas.

Finally, Tuesday arrived and so did the Gas Man. She waited patiently while he completed all his tests for gas leaks, anticipating a nice warm shower. But when the Gas Man emerged from the basement he had some bad news.

"I'm sorry ma'am. I can't turn your gas on today because you have a leak."

Dismay on her face, she gasped, "Do you want to smell me? I haven't showered in, like, three days!"

"Ma'am? Your hot water heater is electric."

"Um...I was just kidding about that three days without a shower...Do you think you could tell me how to start it?"

Yes, she is a blonde.

(Love you, sis!)

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  1. But she's a quick thinking blond!