Monday, November 17, 2008

The Princess and the Picture

The Princess is not photogenic either, heaven bless her.

Her school picture is awful! I mean really awful. It literally looks like a mug shot. The best part of that picture is that she can have it put on a mug (which I plan to do at some point), then it can be my mug shot mug.

Anyway, this is not the school picture. I asked my brother to take a picture of her. His wife and I held the scrim while he shot this. I think when this shot was taken, we had told her to bring her chin toward Joseph, which she did, by shifting her jaw to the side, and not turning her head. It made us all laugh and this is a picture of her trying hard not to laugh out loud. I kind of wish he had gotten her laughing out loud, because I think she's beautiful when she laughs, but Joseph tells me her eyes disappear when she laughs, and that's no good for a picture.

This is taken along the western wall of my parents' house which faces a plain. I am amazed that she doesn't have ice crystals on her face the wind was so cold. I have to say that I love how the color of the painted stone goes with her hoodie and her hair.

Ist sie nicht schoen? Ja, sie ist sehr schoene!


  1. This is a great picture! Looks just like her. I need a print of it. I can't find it on the flikr site.HELP!

  2. Here's the link on the Flikr site, Mom, though I think Joe sent you the actual files.