Friday, March 30, 2012

Worry and the empty nest

Both of my children are in their late teens and have active, individual lives that don't include tagging along with Mom.  This evening both of them had plans.  My son is at work at the local pizza shop and my daughter is out with a friend.  May daughter and her friend were planning to go for a walk in the park not far from our house.  So, as I am sitting here listening to the wail of tornado sirens and watching the dark clouds march across the sky outside my window, I am hoping that they are making smart choices about where to be in dangerous weather.

I never used to be this jumpy about the sirens, but I've recently had a series of nightmares about tornadoes.  I've been told this has to do with my subconscious processing the chaos in my life.  Me?  Chaos?  Ha!  We laugh at chaos around here!  (And then we fall asleep and have nightmares about tornadoes, evidently.)

My mother told me a long time ago that she could never sleep when we were out late.  I wonder if she worries as much now that we aren't home?  I think I would worry more because I have no control over the situation.  One of my Facebook friends just commented that when you are an empty nester your children call YOU to make sure you're taking necessary precautions.

Funny.  I just thought about calling my mom to make sure she was okay.

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