Thursday, October 17, 2013

Small Successes: A quick look at what I DID do

To DO List

So this week has not been a great week.

I did my presentation in Educational Theory completely wrong.
I forgot to do my homework in one class entirely.
I forgot that my plan was to have Christmas mapped out and ready to start at choir practice tonight.

Why is it so hard to think of the small successes as victories? I don't know. My daughter and husband tease me about being a glass-half-empty person. I suppose that's true.

To help us see that life is not just a series of failures and that just getting out of bed this morning can be a success, is re-starting the Thursday Small Successes link-up.

So, in honor of being proud of myself for what I DID do, here goes:

1. I sang a beautiful piece of music for Mass with two of my very best friends and then recorded it Monday for a fundraiser album with a third good friend.

2. I went to bed before 11 pm last night.

3. With the urging of a couple of online friends I have begun to work on a new concept for my blog, and perhaps (if someone will bite) a book/let about Catholic music for the Liturgy.

4. I bought a domain name for my other blog in preparation for rolling out the new concept. (Now if I can just figure out how the whole website design thing works...)

5. Successfully got my parish to send me and another parish employee to the Diocesan Digital Conference so that we can start the discussion about working to improve our presence on the web.

So..That's 5 successes to 3 failures. I'll take it!!

What small things did you accomplish this week? Write a post and link up at or just reply in the combox below.

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