Friday, November 8, 2013

Fabulous Fashion Friday - Saturday Gallery Hop

I am giving in to my inner fashionista and launching a new feature called 
Fabulous Fashion Fridays
I'll be especially concentrating on dressing with dignity and dressing on a budget. 

Saturday Gallery Hop

Saturday Gallery Hop by katie-harris-okeefe featuring Chloe and Isabel Jewelry

The Look:
I love to go to the gallery hop, art festivals and what not. I like to be comfortable and so I find myself in jeans and a sweater. But the right accessories can make an outfit that's "just comfortable" look great.

The Details:
These shoes are on my list of stuff I'd love to buy if I win the lottery. I'll be haunting DSW looking for them.  The two-tone, low-heeled silhouette is great to pair with jeans or menswear tailored slacks. I think I could get away with them paired up with a longer skirt, too.

You can find similar hats at Target for less than half the price of the Brooks Brothers one pictured above during the months leading up to Christmas. If you invest in a good neutral cloche hat it can be worn as a cold weather hat when the temps dip into the teens, or with a retro dress or boho skirt when you'll be inside. It just finishes things off.

The Jewelry:
The boho look is a great one, but in order to pull it off, you need the right balance of order and disorder. That's why the long Pearl + Crystal Drop Necklace (chloe and isabel - $88) is so great. the pearls give it a polished look, but the loose hanging crystals give it a softer, more casual feel. The Modern Deco Stretch Bracelet (chloe and isabel - $46) is very structured and eye-catching, without being in the way. The Pearl + Crystal Floral Filigree Earrings (chloe and isabel - $42) complete the boho look with a feminine dash of sparkle.

Be sure to visit my boutique to see what's new in the store front. Our holiday line launches this week and I'll be resetting my pages for the holiday shopping season.

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