Monday, January 27, 2014

Snowball Fight of the Giants!

It's a regular Winter Wonderland around here. I love the snow. It makes the cold all worthwhile.

All over the fields around our house there are balls of snow. 

Big balls of snow.

It looks like a thousand little kids all started a snowman and then went inside for hot chocolate after getting the base started.

Or like the frost giants, Fafnir and Fasolt, were having a snowball fight.

In any case, it's a fairly uncommon thing to have happen here in Central Ohio (well, at least for the past several years.) We haven't had much snow each winter and even when we do, the conditions for snow rolls weren't here.

Basically what happens is that the snow got a little tiny bit warm and clumped up on the top layer. Then the wind picked up the edge of a chunk of re-frozen snow, and rolled it up like a scoop of ice cream.

This year, we've got plenty!

It's really rather amazing and made me think about how small we really are, and how very grateful I am to have walls for the winds and a roof for the snow.

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