Thursday, April 17, 2014

#SmallSuccess: Living and Learning

1. No one died - literally or spiritually.
This is huge because it could have happened either due to my complete and undivided attention being paid to people who are unkind (and wanting to "do" something about it) or due to my inattention to people that really, really matter in my life. This proves the maxim: "God writes straight with crooked lines." Had I not been totally focused on my husband, I might have done/said something I would really regret to someone whose opinion doesn't really matter.
2. I got an abstract turned in for a research symposium at school, and it was accepted.
Words cannot express how honored I am to be chosen. I go to school with some amazing people. I love talking to and sharing ideas with them. To be chosen from among them is humbling. Also, I have no idea what to wear. Why does the idea of getting dressed for this event strike terror into my heart?

3. My third success is sitting in the quiet actually doing homework.
(No wait. I'm procrastinating by writing this blog post.)

3. My third success is reaching a C above middle C while singing. And it did not hurt today.
Hello, Breath Control and Resonance. I've missed you two! I have been working on the chants for this weekend so that I can sing for the Triduum, but I'm not really ready for "prime time" so to speak. It's pretty solid, but wears out quickly. Time. Time. Time.

Got a small success or three? Share 'em with us!
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  1. I'm so glad to hear about #3!! I cannot EVEN imagine being unable to sing (though I had a few months when I couldn't play the guitar due to a finger injury, and that was very tough.) I hope that the Easter season brings you continued healing so that you can once again raise your voice in praise.