Thursday, May 1, 2014

#SmallSuccess: New Website! New Major! Edition

Small Success Thursday

I'm a bit late, but I have to get these in. I am so excited!

So this week has been an eventful one.

1) I finally got my website up and running, thanks to the very patient folks at You can see it at

2) I changed my major to Philosophy and I will have a minor in English. This is in preparation for going on for my Master of Arts in Theology.

3) I got the facade for the organ at St. Stephen the Martyr to the church. This is a major accomplishment. Now we have to put it together and put it on the organ.

4) I got the script for my big presentation done for tomorrow.

5) I got my daughter and grandson safely moved and (a little bit) settled.

If ya got some successes, share 'em here, or head over to!

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