Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The search for a perfect purse

Women live and die by their purses. At least most of them do. It is always a fight to get the right amount of functionality, with the right amount of style combined with the right price.

I have had purses that were little and purses that were huge. Once I carried a train case as a purse. It was my coolest purse, but not my most functional one. I always lost everything in it. I could never find the thing I wanted, which included my keys, my cell phone, my wallet... I also couldn't open it while standing or while holding anything else, since it required one hand to hold the purse and one to look through the purse (if you were lucky, that is).

The most functional purse I ever carried I called my "Mary Poppins" purse. It was amazing how much stuff you could cram into that thing. It was a market bag (meaning it was shaped like a funnel) and was white with neon green polka dots all over it and silver metallic mesh to cover that. Because of its unique shape you could find everything in it and everything would fit into it, too. The only drawback (besides the fact that you could wave ships into shore through a pea soup fog with it) was that it would not stay on my shoulder when I was moving around. I just found another one at Target. This one is larger (yea! More stuff!!) and has longer handles that stay on my shoulder. However, it's is very seasonal looking. Most market bags are made of wicker and so really should only be carried during the summer. So, I didn't buy it. I think that might have been dumb.

The second most functional purse I have ever owned is a Liz Claiborne backpack that I got at Goodwill for $2.99. It is denim and leather and holds a ton of stuff, but I am forever losing what I need in the main body of the purse and end up having to dig through the purse, dumping it out on the counter to find that all-important 'customer rewards card' that is going to save me $.10 on my soft drink...But, I can take it shopping and it goes nowhere! I love it just for that! I can walk all over the city and it never slides down my arm and I don't have to keep adjusting it so I can look at the garment I want to try on.

I saw a purse that may combine the best of these two in one bag. Unfortunately, it belongs to my brother. Edward came home from college for Easter and had this awesome bag. It was a leather messenger bag. It had a nice, long strap to throw over your shoulder, a large open section, with enough flexibility to the sides to be able to easily see the bottom, and two, latching outside pockets (for your cell phone and all your money and lip gloss). Of course, Edward, completely uninspiried by the practicality of carrying all these things uses it for his sub-laptop (another very cool gadget) and books. He and my other brother, John tell me that I can probably find one of these at a gun show. They are military bags.

A military bag!! Yes! That is exactly what I need! Something that is tough enough to survive full-contact shopping at Schottenstein's but stylish enough to go to work and look savvy.

Leave it to the Military. Yes, not only do your tax dollars pay for guns and ammo, but also for some really sharp fashion design. Thanks, America! You've found the perfect purse!

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