Monday, March 10, 2008

Taking a breath

Sometimes things happen and you're not sure why Fate is so cruel. For example, we had a Blizzard over the weekend. In about 36 hours, the sky had dumped 20 inches of snow on us here in Columbus. All my plans for the weekend were out the window. No shopping trips, no birthday party, no masses to sing for...everything stopped. The city was more than quiet, it was silent.

I don't remember seeing this much snow since I was 7 years old in the Bizzard of '78. I can remember opening the drapes of my parents' house and not being able to see the house across the street through the snow. It never got that bad in our neighborhood. We didn't really have much wind, but there was plenty of snow!

But, it wasn't so bad. I got to really clean my kitchen. I made homemade chicken and noodles and fresh bread. I visited with my kids. We walked over to my in-laws and had a lovely, small-scale birthday party. I slept soundly and took a couple of naps with my husband. I even did some long-overdue sewing. We all snuggled in and enjoyed the down time.

Sometimes, when I am moving at the Speed of Sound, I need God to step in and slow me down. I am sure that the rest of the city does not appreciate the means by which it was done, but maybe more of them needed to slow down, too.

Now that I am all rested, I am ready to take on the snowdrifts, and tonight, I think we're building an igloo in our back yard. We'll see how much we get done...

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