Friday, May 2, 2008

Poetic License

Every now and then I see something or feel something that just won't fit into prose. I have been reading a lot of poetry recently and maybe that's why all of this struck me the way it did. So, here is my first piece of poetry in about 5 years. I hope you like it.

Scioto Samba

If it can't wash away my sins,
Let the river drown my sorrows.
If it can't drown my sorrows,
Let the wind blow them from my mind.

Let me samba along the Scioto
With Bebel in my ears;
Concrete under my feet,
And no one in my arms.

Let the bums wonder:
Is she crazy?
Or am I?

Let me feel the stone
And the cold steel of the bridge
Under my hands.

Let me watch the river drift on
While the city falls asleep
All around me.

Remind me that the river never stands still;
The prairie winds never cease
And troubles don't last forever.

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