Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hold your nose and jump in

Life can really be hard sometimes. I face things as a parent everyday that make me just want to stay in bed under the covers and not come out. You've heard the quote "Parenthood isn't for whimps"?

One time, when we were going through some particularly devastating things with our kids, I had a friend ask me how I got through it all. I thought for a second and replied, "I just get up in the morning, look at the situation, hold my nose and jump in. What else can I do?" And it's true. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I lose. But I will surely lose if I don't try.

Hard times and hard days don't last forever. They have to end sometime. So until then, I just go to the edge of the water, look into it's murky depths, and throw a prayer to heaven as I plug my nose and jump in.

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