Friday, November 7, 2008

The Birthday Party

The Princess turned 13 today.

I am getting old and she is getting big. I cannot believe it has only been 13 years since I held her in my arms and nursed her right after she was born. I can still remember her sweet little cry when she couldn't her her father and I talking. She would hush to hear us every time we'd talk and fuss when we were quiet. I still remember how well she fit into the crook of my arm, unlike her ginormous brother who I had to use both arms to hold! She was petite and beautiful and a miracle!

And she is still a miracle... I am always amazed at her strength and poise. When she is tormented at school, she almost always has a way to turn the situation around on her tormentors. When she sees injustice being done to her friends, she stands up for them. When a friend comes to her with a problem she is always ready to help, but never compromises her principles. This is not your average 13 year old.

The Princess had a party to which she invited all of her friends. We had a blast. It was chaotic and noisy and a lot of fun. We ate pizza and subs and made the messiest cake ever.

I wish I had a camera because I TOTALLY would have won the messiest, ugliest cake of the year award. The store was out of frosting for cakes, so my husband bought marshmallow cream instead. We baked a devil's food layer cake and put the marshmallow cream between the layers, unfortunately, as the marshmallow settled, the cake began to slide. I stuck it together with bamboo skewers and put more marshmallow cream on the top and then topped it with rainbow sprinkles. It looked kind of like a sundae cake.

When it came time to light the candles on the cake, we realized that we had forgotten to get candles, so I lit the skewers and had her blow them out. Then, as my husband cut the cake, it literally started disintegrating right there on the platter. By the time we had enough pieces to go around, it was mostly chunks of chocolate cake covered in marshmallow cream goop. It was delicious and messy and sticky and it got everywhere.

Really, it was hilarious.

Maybe you had to be there...

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!! We love you!

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