Sunday, February 15, 2009

All in God's Plan

I had a dream just before I awoke that was so vivid that I had to write it down.

I was on some sort of journey with my in-laws. All of my in-laws were there, except for one sister-in-law. There was another family that I did not know that was there, too. This family had a very elderly woman with them.

For one reason or another we had to stop. I am not sure why, but it had to do with cutting down a huge tree (it was a dream, OK?). My brothers-in-law and my mother-in-law were engaged in heated debate about some leaders of very small countries (the names of which never appeared in the dream). It was extremely important to them that my mother-in-law agree with them. Then, they began to appeal to me to convince her. I did not care about their debate and told them that whatever happened, it was "all in God's plan".

I noted that the men who were cutting down the tree were making very good progress and that if we did not move the other people that were in the path of the tree, including this very elderly woman, they would likely be smashed. So, I rallied the troops and made them come to help me move everyone.

The plan was to move everyone where we had been. Unfortunately, the tree guys were still making rapid progress and as we began to move people, they were not pausing to look around themselves to see what was going on. They were working without ceasing on cutting the tree down. I could not move the elderly woman and the rest of our companions and things fast enough. The tree was going to come down, and I thought it would be right on top of us.

And the huge tree did come down, with a mighty crash that shook the ground. But, not where I expected it to. It came down on the rocks where my family had been sitting to debate politics. Had we not moved to help everyone else, we would have been crushed. Had we been successful in moving everyone else, we would all have been crushed.

And then I heard a voice echoing in my head "All in God's Plan". And then I woke up.

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