Monday, February 16, 2009

The Sign and the Split Second Decision

Yesterday, I had one of my favorite summertime purchases on: a pair of black capri pants. I bought them in Highland, IL (when my mom and daughter and I went to visit my aunt) and I only paid $5 for them. They were a great buy. They looked sharp with a cropped jacket in the summer-time, for a slightly professional look. They looked great with a t-shirt when I was more casual. And yesterday, they were looking mighty fine with my black boots and green ribbed-knit sweater. They did, that is, until I went to get out of the car.

I split the zipper away from the fly in my effort to stand up. I was horrified. With only 30 minutes to go until Mass began, I was extremely glad that my sweater was extra long and covered the whole issue. But I was self-conscious the whole day. Always pulling down the front of my sweater, checking my reflection...I felt like a high school girl in her first strapless gown. Had I really gained that much weight back?

Yep, I think I have. Everything is tight and only my "fat-clothes" (now, that is a relative term) fit me right now. I'd say, if I had to guess, I've gained between 10 and 15 pounds in this past 6 weeks. For the past month or so I have "eating my feelings". Oh yes! With a vengeance! Usually, that doesn't affect me much because I walk everywhere, but it has been SO cold and snowy here, that my travel has been very limited. And, I have done nothing to take up the slack in the movement department. Frankly, I think I have been too busy.

But, now...I am paying for it. I realized yesterday that I was back up to drinking about 8 - 10 cans of Dr. Pepper a day! This morning I realized that I was eating 4 to 8 bite-size chocolates a day. Not to mention the cakes and cookies that I have been salving my aching heart with at home recently. No wonder I am blowing up like a balloon!

But the first sign was when my doctor called to let me know that my sugar was slightly high on a blood test he gave me. Well, after 13 hours of fasting, no one's blood sugar should be 123.

OK. It's time to get serious.

Step one: Move.
Step two: Cut out the pop.
Step three: Develop a love for some green leafies...they aren't just for rabbits anymore, honey.
Step four: Develop a coping tool that does not include food.

So, I am sitting her with my Diet Dr. Pepper and the remains of a salad on my desk and feeling pretty good, 'cause I walked the 10 minutes there and 10 minutes back to get it.

Now, I just have to make the decision stick!

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