Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bacon and Chocolate

What is it with men and bacon, and women and chocolate?
I mean, really!

We were in the car the other day with the boys and they had my sister order sandwiches with bacon on them. My husband commented that "Now the kitchen staff knows there are men in the car." And it's true. Men are all about some bacon. When Wendy's was advertising the Baconator, did they have some cute chick selling it? Nope. They had a bunch of big, burly men in the trademarked red, pigtailed wig "rioting" for some meat on their sandwich. But, not just any meat...Bacon.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, my youngest brother popped a link to this fabulous dish called "BBQ Bacon Explosion" up on Facebook. I mean this recipe is not to be believed. Since then, I have had TWO other male Facebook friends (neither of whom know my little brother or each other) reference this same recipe. Unbelievable.

I have also noticed that men eat bacon when they are stressed out. It's like a salve for the soul. I wonder if it is the salt, or the fat that they crave. My husband, a grill cook at a local investment firm, noted that when the stock market started taking a nose-dive in September, bacon consumption and mashed potato consumption went through the roof. Very interesting.

Now, women are all about some chocolate. I can prove this. My sister, the day that the boys were ingesting half-pound servings of bacon and beef, decided that we, the girls, would have to go get Chocolate Nachos. Yes, Chocolate Nachos. My sister introduced these items of delight to me the last time I was so stressed that you could literally see the grey hair growing in as I stood there. This dessert is a creation of the Jimmy Buffett restaurant chain, Cheeseburger in Paradise. (Nope, it's no longer just a song, Parrotheads.)

When my sister told me about them, I didn't believe her. But, she told me they were so good that she actually had dreams about them. One night she was talking in her sleep and when her husband rolled over and touched her arm, she growled at him "Get away from my Chocolate Nachos!"

Chocolate Nachos are dangerous. First, they make chocolate tortillas and vanilla tortillas, then they cut them up and deep fry them. Then, they drizzle them with hot fudge and put sprinkles and diced strawberries on them. This is all served on a platter with vanilla and strawberry ice cream (for dipping?).

So this, and no other, is the ultimate stress food for women. Chocolate covered, deep fried bits of carbohydrates, served with sprinkles and strawberries and ice cream...

(What diet?)

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