Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fire and belief

Without belief the phoenix
is just a bird on fire.
-Kate Horowitz

I have recently spent a lot of time "on fire". These past few weeks, especially, with Easter tuning, all the liturgies to prepare for Holy Week, family "fun", traveling, sickness. The doldrums hit me like a truck on Monday. The weather wasn't helping any either in going from overcast, to rainy, to continual downpour. I was burned out, wasting away, and sure of nothing except my weaknesses. And just when I was ready to stay in my bed and never get out again...the sun came out. Literally and literarily. (OK...I made that word up.)

When I checked in with all my blogs this morning, the half-haiku above was sitting in my "to read" box. It took me only a second to understand. The reason I was feeling burnt to a crisp was that I had allowed myself to stop believing that I could do it. I was the "bird on fire".

I just have to thank God for all the wonderful people in my life who believe in me enough to make me back into a phoenix again.

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  1. Love this, Katie, simply love this. :) Thanks for the smile today. :)