Thursday, October 15, 2009

Silly things that I do (Part 962,000)

So, night before last, I spotted my poor basil plant languishing in the cold weather on my porch. I decided that it needed a change of scenery (or at least of temperature) so I thought I would bring it inside. My husband, however, suggested that I take it to work with me, to brighten up my office.

Now, let's understand each other. I have a black thumb. I can grow things: all one has to do is make sure the plant gets light and water. However, I always forget my plants. I actually had a swamp plant that my brother would regularly bring back to life when I would forget to water it. It became a joke at the office. Last year, I successfully killed a Norfolk Pine. In my defense, I did manage to keep it alive and thriving for more than six months. But then I went on vacation, and it was never the same afterward.

But, I digress. I decided I'd give the basil plant a try in my office. I dutifully loaded it up into the new minivan, which smells like the inside of an ashtray right now. (Thanks, former owner.) And I drove to work.

Somewhere in the middle of all of the commuter traffic, I forgot about the plant. I went inside my office building and forgot all about it. I only remembered when I went to get back in the car this morning and the entire car smelled like pesto.

"What the heck smells like pesto?" I thought, incredulously. And then it hit me: The Basil Plant.

You would think, with all the coming and going we do in our family, that someone would have said something like, "Hey, Mom? What's this plant doing on the floor in the back seat?" But, no. We're so odd that it's evidently not totally weird to have a basil plant sitting in the back of the car.

On the up side, the plant does look much better. It seems very happy where it is. Maybe I'll leave it in the car. If only I could remember to water it. The fresh clean scent of basil beats the heck out of cigarettes any day! Maybe I'll put oregano and rosemary in there, too. Heck, I could take my own spices to the Pizza parlor.

Wait, that would really be too odd, wouldn't it?

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