Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too many things to do...

I do this every year at this time. I over commit myself. I become entangled in the weeds of 4,000 little projects that I took on because "they're just little, right?" So, now I am at the point where I must decide what the most important of the projects are. This is never an easy job. I never like to disappoint people.

Fortunately, two of these "little projects" are over and done with, for this year. But, I am still staring down two choir seasons and full(ish) time job, homeschooling and a burgeoning AVON business. Oh, and I'm moving. What was I thinking??

I started my AVON business because I was hoping to make enough money to quit my regular job and be able to really devote my time to my choral work and homeschooling. But, when I turned in my resignation, my bosses ganged up on me and created a way for me to bring the princess to work with me and homeschool her there. It was SO very generous and I really appreciated being valued so much. Problem solved. Well, not quite...

See, there were all these other things that I wanted to accomplish with the extra time. One of them being getting a better grip on my choir repertoire and working on my keyboard skills. Now, that's not happening.

The AVON is going well, and I really like it, but when I get off of work, I have to immediately jump into AVON work, leaving me no time with my family or to accomplish the other stuff. And, if I had the time to devote to building my business I would be moving along much more quickly. Plus, AVON would allow me to work my job no matter where I am. It incorporates into your schedule, unlike a desk job. So, what to do? What do I drop?

I feel overwhelmed. But then, it's always like the at the end of summer.

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