Monday, October 11, 2010

Setting the Priorities Straight

Well, in my last post, more than two months ago, I kvetched about being over committed. As I dropped things, and lowered commitment levels, the biggest challenge became Homeschooling vs. Working Full(ish) Time. Needless to say, homeschooling won.

It was not simply a matter of time, but of focus. And it wasn't so much getting my daughter to focus as it was getting myself to focus. I found that I had a hard time switching gears between work and school. If I was concentrating on one, the other suffered and that was serving no one. So, after much deliberation, compromise and consternation, I said my final good-byes, packed my things and came home.

Financially, this will be a challenge. I won't lie about that. But, it won't be impossible, either. We've gotten ourselves to a place where we can sustain ourselves on what we make without my job. Quite frankly, the long-term benefits of the care and attention I give my daughter and her education right now far outweigh the extra things we would get to do if I was working full-time.

I still maintain my children's choir and my duties at the church, but those are much more manageable. I can plan a liturgy at any point during the day. I can practice anytime I wish. Besides, my daughter is actively involved with those projects as part of her musical training so it doesn't take away from her learning, but adds to it.

I feel so much better about this. I feel like I have just jumped out of a plane and am in free fall, right now. It exhilarating, yet slightly terrifying. What if the chute doesn't open? But I am certain that I packed my parachute correctly. This is the right choice.

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