Friday, June 15, 2012

Quick Takes

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Time for this week's 7 Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary.  Feel free to cruise on over to see what's been happening in other Catholic Blogger's lives this week.
So, this is what I've been up to this week:

After handling my financial aid issues earlier this week, I headed off to the campus bookstore to buy textbooks for the quarter.  While I was there, I decided to buy some new pens and pencils and a notebook, too.  I must confess that there is something very exciting to me about buying new books and school supplies.  I have always loved to go school shopping and I find that my enthusiasm for brightly colored, clean notebooks and nice new shiny pens has not waned over the years.  I am always excited about filling the pages with new information.  I really love to learn. 

Because we didn't get our cats treated early enough in the season, we got Flea-Bite-Us.  So, we had to do some deep cleaning and spray for fleas.  My daughter took the lead on this project and surprised me by cleaning up the living room while I was at choir practice.  It was a welcome surprise and she did a really good job.  She's pretty proud of herself and that's a good thing.  Nothing satisfies like a job well-done.

I am still working my way (slowly) through Chesterton's "Orthodoxy".  I love this book.  There is a quotable quip on almost every page.  I have found that the humor helps me remember what he's talking about.  This week's gem: "All roads lead to Rome; which is one reason why many people never get there."

Mac and Cheese (Stuteville-style):  This is a favorite of mine and no one I have ever met, outside of my family makes it like this.  There's no cream based sauce involved.  Just cheese, macaroni and tomatoes.  It's delightfully simple.  To make it: 
Boil 1 lb. macaroni according to the directions on the package. Drain.  
Add 1/4 c. butter (cut into pats so it melts nicely) and a ton of grated cheese - I use about 5 ozs.
Mix until cheese is melted and evenly distributed.
Add one 16. oz. can of petite cut diced tomatoes, drained.  
Mix it up until evenly distributed.  
Put it into an oven safe pan (if you boiled your noodles in an ovensafe dutch oven, you can just leave it in there).  
Top with about 2 cups of crushed potato chips (any brand - but the plain work best).  
You can dot the top with butter, but I usually don't.  
Put it in the over at 350 for about 20 minutes.  
Trust me - It's delicious!  We had it last night with Sloppy Joes.

This week was a light week with regard to music.  My Spanish choir practice was sparsely attended and there was no English choir practice.  The German Children's choir is on break for the summer, so I had a sort of restful week.  Sometimes a break is just the thing.

Father's Day is this weekend and my husband is getting ready to celebrate his 20th anniversary as a Daddy.  Our son was born 20 years ago on Father's Day, which also means that his 20th birthday is coming up this next week, too.  I can't believe I'm going to be the mother of a twentysomething.

This week I had a wake up call about being a worry-wort and sweating the small stuff.  I have to keep working on remembering to trust in God's Providence.  This has been a theme in my life forever.  I have a lot of trouble trusting anyone, much less Someone I can't see.  To learn to trust God has been (and will continue to be) and journey and a struggle.

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