Saturday, October 6, 2012

One Step

Well, it's been an interesting month, to say the least.

We've managed to clear out of our old house and have moved in temporarily with my parents, who live in the country.  My citified daughter, is taking a while to acclimate herself to the joys of :
- Softened water
Daughter: "It feels like I can't rinse enough."
Husband: "I know, honey.  You just have to trust that it's rinsed off"

- Unfamiliar bugs
Daughter: "Noooooo! There's a giant hairy spider in here!"
Grandma: "Oh, it's a wolf spider. Don't worry, he won't eat much."
Me: "Mom!"

-And strange noises
Daughter: "It's too quiet out here.  I can't sleep."

I have to say that I love it out here.  People take a little more time.  They smile.  They hold the door open for you.  They make eye contact.  And - it's rural Ohio in the Fall -  it's stunningly beautiful out here.
The view from my parents' back deck
It's much better when there are not fingerprint smears all over the lens,
But we'll just pretend it's "soft-focus".

Mom's Landscape Roses are in full bloom and smell wonderful.  

It's not ideal, of course.  Michael and I are sleeping in twin beds (and laughing a lot about it).  The drive to work (for me) is very long and very early on Sunday morning, but it's lovely and that sunrise drive through the misty, rose-washed, cornfields makes up for a lot.  And, though I enjoy my parents' company, I have been a married lady with my own house for 21 years and miss my own household rhythm. I am sure that Mom and Dad miss being able to schlep down to the kitchen table for their morning cup of coffee in their PJ's, too.  I know my Dad misses the quiet rhythm of his house.  He confessed this morning as Mom and I chatted that he was distracted by us and was used to this being a quiet place to read, but quickly followed my apology with, "Oh no, honey, it's fine." But, all-in-all, I feel very comfortable in my parents' house.  It is, after all, "home" for me.

There is a restfulness about being with your mother.  It's no secret that our relationship with Mary is informed by our relationship with our biological mothers.  My mother is a very restful, very generous, very faithful person.  When I imagine Mary, most of the time, I just imagine sitting on her lap with our arms around each other. That's how I feel right now; like I'm sitting in my mother's lap.

Being here with my parents reminds me a little of being in an episode of "Quantum Leap".  I keep trying to discern why I am here.  What does God want me to accomplish before He sends me to the next stop on the journey?  I may never know.

Maybe it's the trees and the fresh Autumn smells or apples and tomatoes cooking down for canning, or the (ahem) familiar smell of well water that makes me feel so at home.   But, I am pretty sure, I am right where I need to be at this moment.  I don't need to see the next step yet, I just have to live right where I am.

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  1. Ooooh so beautiful! This is the time of year that I miss Ohio the most (especially the Circleville Pumpkin Festival). Enjoy your time as a "Country Mouse" and tell your daughter that I get freaked out by Wolf spiders, too!