Saturday, December 15, 2012

"An American Christmas" - Joel Cohen and the Boston Camerata

I am having so much fun sharing my weird Christmas music on my other blog that I thought I might run this over here, too.  Do you have Christmas Faves that are off the beaten path?  Share them in the combox below.

Although most of this music cannot be used within the confines of the Catholic Liturgy, it's so much fun, I had to share it with you.  I. Love. This. Album.

This Christmas, our parish choir will be doing two pieces from this album: Boston (Methinks I saw a heavenly host...) and Judea (A Virgin Unspotted).  Take a listen to the first one below.

Cohen writes fantastic liner notes that explain the history of each piece and describes what you are hearing so it's best listened to with liner notes in hand so buy it from or borrow it from the library, if you can.  If not, take some time (maybe on Spotify) to listen to the whole album to get a feel for what American Christmas music sounds like.

It's different.  It's cool.  You should know about this.

You can buy it from here.

This post was originally published 12/13/12 on "The Beautiful Music Challenge" by Katie O'Keefe

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