Friday, November 1, 2013

Fabulous Fashion Fridays - Red Letter Day

I am giving in to my inner fashionista and launching a new feature called 
Fabulous Fashion Fridays
I'll be especially concentrating on dressing with dignity and dressing on a budget. Just because you don't have a lot of money to spend doesn't mean you can't look nice.

"Red for the Office" by katie-harris-okeefe on Polyvore - You can find all this jewelry in my boutique at

The Look:
Baz Luhrmann's movie, "The Great Gatsby," made this flapper inspired look hot again. While the drop waist look is not for everyone (especially those of us with a little extra sand in the hourglass,) this solid color dress if well-fitted and paired with a matching shoe and attention-getting but tailored jewelry can make this on-trend look do-able.

The Dress:
The red drop waist dress is cotton knit and is great for a simple and comfortable piece. Since it's machine washable, it easy to care for.

This dress is from eShakti and I am a big fan of eShakti. This dress retails for $69.95, and for $7.50 more, you can have it customized with longer sleeves and/or a longer skirt and/or customized sizing. You take your measurements, put them in and they send you a custom made dress. Everything they make fits women size 0 to size 36W. Beautiful.

Check out their site here. And they run deals all the time. Right now, if you're a new customer and you use this referral code at check out MICHAEL46UV you'll get $30 off and free shipping this weekend.

The Jewelry:
Chloe and Isabel is my new favorite (full-disclosure: I am a merchandiser for them). They have such flexible lines from vintage to modern. I chose to pair this with more modern pieces to maintain a cleaner look and let the cut of the dress shine. All these pieces are nickel-free and hypo-allergenic and they look great in person. And to sweeten the deal, everything comes with a lifetime warranty.

Longer Necklace: Pom-Pom Layering Necklace $58
Shorter Necklace: Double Leaf Pendant Necklace $38
Bracelets: Tri Tone Organic Bangle Set $38
Earrings: Textured Leaf Drop Earrings $38

You can find all these pieces and much more at my boutique.

The Shoes:
Found at JC Penney (and maybe other places, too) These Liz Claiborne red suede shoes retail for $30. I really love red shoes. I don't know, there's just something powerful about them.

I'll be doing this again next week and highlighting a completely different look.
What would you like to see?

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