Thursday, November 28, 2013

#SmallSuccess Thursday: Blessings and Dressing

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(okay, I cheated because I used a Pepperidge Farms mix,
but I added the cranberries, pecans, onion and celery)

So we weren't going to do a Small Success link up today at, because everyone is so busy, but I'm so glad we did, because:

1. I made AWESOME stuffing (it looks much more awesome in person, and more delicious, too.)

2. I did not spill anything on myself (at least not so far). Hey, we're talking small.

3. I posted my second piece in a series on 10 Hymns you should know at Beautiful Music Challenge.

4. And I held my tongue and preserved peace in my household this morning. Barely. But I did it.

Okay, that's more of a huge success.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Hug your families because you won't always have them. (Even if they are cranky, you know you love them.)

What are some of your small successes? Stick 'em up at Catholic Mom or post them in the combox.

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