Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Other Places: #10Hymns: Advent Hymns

Over at The Beautiful Music Challenge, I am continuing my #10Hymns Series with another two hymns for Advent (with an extra bonus hymn thrown in for fun!)

Of course, as a choir director, I have to say, I've been practicing Christmas Carols since October and I've been listening to them all year. That's just how it works when you direct a choir.
In my opinion, it is never the "wrong" time to meditate on the Incarnation of Jesus or to anticipate his coming again in glory. But I could be wrong...
During Advent, we meditate upon the three ways that Jesus comes to us:
In History (in His Birth at Bethlehem)
In Mystery (in the Sacraments)
In Majesty (at the Final Judgment)
This week we're going to talk about all three...
This week we're covering "O Savior Rend the Heavens Wide," "Behold a Virgin Bearing Him" and "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence". Find out where these hymns came from and learn how to sing them here.

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