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#FiveFavorites: You know it's bad when you mourn a store

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When Schottenstein's (branded elsewhere as Value City) closed here in Columbus, there was weeping and lamentation. 

No, seriously. In my family, there were actual tears.

I remember going to Schottenstein's with my grandmother for the Florida Sale (this was the sale that happened in January, right before everyone went to Florida for the Winter).

My grandmother was quick. For as bent over and shrunken as she had become with her osteoporosis, she moved like a tiger between the racks, sighting and snatching as she moved.

There were no shopping carts. That would slow her down. She could tell a designer silk blouse at ten paces in amongst a rack of wild Hawaiian print shirts.

My cousins and I were invited along. To help. "Help with what?" you might ask.

You see, this was a big sale. The lines for the fitting rooms were long and Grandma didn't want to wait. She would station us along the wall with our coats stretched out around her and try on the clothes she picked up.

Yes. that's right. My very devout Catholic grandmother, stripping on the sales floor. But, man, could she get the deals! It's my favorite 'Stein's story.

So, when I read this post by Julie Mencher, I was taken back to the moment I heard it was true: They were closing.

My grandmother had long since passed away, but the passing of the era brought bittersweet memories of her.

I read it out loud to my mother and dedicated the post on Facebook to my cousins.

Even with the tears, still, there is joy in the remembering. That's why it's topping my Five Favorites today.

and sparks some fond memories from me.

2. Pasties

Seriously, somebody stop me before I try to make (and ruin) yet another pie crust. 
These look so good! I stole this from John Anderson's Yooper Page on Facebook. I don't know why they appeared on my feed since I am neither a Yooper, nor do I know John, but let me tell ya. It's tempting. And, I could always just use Pillsbury's pre-made crusts, right? (Tell me I'm right.)

These are great to prep ahead and serve up for a fast dinner or send for lunch. 
Self-contained, delicious-ness.

1 cup lard---but Crisco will work
3 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1 cup very cold water

Mix the shortening,salt and flour together until it looks about pea size with a pastry blender if you have one, or just cut with 2 knives crisscrossed. Add the cold water and mix just until it all sticks together ---don't overwork it or your crust will be tough. Refrigerate it while you do your filling. This is enough to make a 13x9 pan pasty pie -or 6-7 pasties. If you want more make a separate batch--don't double it. Take about a tennis ball sized piece of your dough and roll it out on a counter dusted with flour. Turn it and roll some more. I use an 8" salad plate and lay my crust on it and then place the filling on half, top filling with a pat of butter. Use a little water on your fingers on the bottom half of the edge of the crust then flip the top half over and press it down, the water will make the top half stick to the bottom. Cut off any excess crust hanging over your plate. and flute the edge. Make a small vent hole in your tops. Brush the tops of your pasties with some milk --it make your crust brown better.

1 1/2 lbs.pasty meat (about) SEE NOTE BELOW
4-5 diced potatoes
1 small diced rutabaga
1 small diced onion
diced carrots--Yoopers disagree about the carrots but you decide
Mix all your filling together add your salt and pepper to taste.

Bake these for 1hr 15 min on 375----I will test one to see if the rutabagas are done because they take the longest to cook and the smaller you cut them the quicker they will good luck.
NOTE: Pasty meat is typically 3/4 coarse ground beef to 1/4 coarse ground pork, but I've seen finely diced steak as well as venison used too.
3. St. Meinrad

I love all things German, but I had no idea that St. Meinrad was the founder of Einsideln. (I feel like I should have known that.) I also didn't know that the Archabbey in Indiana that bears his name was a foundation in America for the Monks at Einsideln. (I should have known that, too). Now, I know. 
And you can find out more, here.
I gotta go back to Germany and see the Southwestern quadrant!

4. This Meme

No, I am not wrangling children anymore, but I remember.
Oh, yes, I do. My prayers are with you, moms.

5. Sherlock!


I missed these two more than I thought I did. And I really like Mary. 
Did you miss the premiere? Well, no spoilers.
Ooooohhhhh, it was so good!

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