Thursday, January 23, 2014

#SmallSuccess: Back to School Edition

Small Success Thursday

1. I got a shower this morning and I actually got to dry my hair, too.

2. I completed and posted the second installment of my series on the science of music over at The Beautiful Music Challenge. And, even though I found FOUR typos on it as soon as I posted it, I got them fixed before 12 people had viewed it. (Oh, the shame...)

3. I went to school yesterday for the first time (12 days post-op) and managed to get through the whole day.

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  1. Nice job! I'm most impressed by #3...I remember the 2 surgeries I've had within the past 4 years and there is just NO WAY I could have done that.

    1. I had surgery about three years ago and should have stayed in bed for at least a week, but instead I went right back to it. Dumb.
      This time I babied myself for a full week and I was much better off. Just because they call it "outpatient" doesn't mean you can go play racquetball on Tuesday. Lesson. Learned. :)

  2. Typos, I've decided they are my trademark!