Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting All Caught Up

No, I am not near the bottom of my to-do list.

I am heeding this Motto:

To Contemplate and to Share the Fruits of this Contemplation

It's an affliction a gift I have, actually.

I get things rolling along in a nice normal pattern and then I get distracted by something interesting and inspiring, and I'm off like a shot - completely absorbed and totally immersed.

I will learn everything I possibly can about my new-found love. This semester it's Philosophy and Theology.

Oh boy, do I have it bad. 

As a kid, I never got to take Philosophy. I did have Theology. But this is Patristics! Oh, this is the life!

Since I have been back to school my blogging time has kind of plummeted. My professors would be glad to hear this, I'm sure. I need to be concentrating on my reading and writing for them. But the bonus is that I am able to take this new information and put it into context with what I already do - which I love.

The problem is finding the time to write it all down.

So, in light of my school schedule and my other commitments this blog is going to be pretty light on posts. But I promise to make it up to you.

I promise to share the fruits of my contemplation as often as time will allow. First, I have to get caught up with my English homework.

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