Thursday, March 6, 2008

A day of Orchids and Cherry Cobbler

Well, yesterday was my birthday. I am 39 now. The music director that I am currently working for brought me a plant for my birthday. They are the most beautiful orchids! They are a deep lavender and are high up on a long stem that falls over to one side. They are so graceful and lovely. They absolutely took my breath away. I cannot get enough of looking at them. I hope I don't kill them. I have a black thumb.

At lunch I had the owners of my company take me to lunch. Technically, we do not celebrate birthdays at the company I work for. Evidently the birthday celebrations were getting too jovial (and maybe the pranks were being carried a bit too far), but in any case, no one is allowed to celebrate a birthday. I don't have a problem with this. I just celebrate their name days. Hah!! I think the real problem is that our president doesn't wish to celebrate his birthday, so no one celebrates anything. Ah, Vanity, thy name is Phil.

Anyway, Phil and Bob took me to lunch anyway, after I informed Phil that I believed that I could celebrate my birthday anytime I was off the clock, including lunchtime! So, off we went to Bob Evans (where else?). I had a largely forgettable meal, except for the cherry cobbler, which was delicious.

Birthdays are like Orchids and Cherry Cobbler. Orchids are a reminder of the beautiful gift of life wer are given by our parents at birth. All the grace and beauty is there for all to see. Cherry cobbler is a reminder of the sweet and sour nature of the rest of life. But the sour part just makes that sweet part that much more tasty.

Thanks for the presents, guys!

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  1. I'm glad the "boys" took you to lunch.