Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Five Favorites: Doctor Who

Yes, it's true.
I am a Whovian.

I love Doctor Who because no matter how hard the British try to separate themselves from their Christian roots, they are inexorably drawn back to them. In Doctor Who's story arcs I find messages of faith, hope, redemption and the sanctity of human life woven in among the laughter.

Doctor Who is a 900-year-old alien, a Time Lord, who has been the cause of the death of many creatures including the inhabitants of his own home planet of Gallifrey. This is a burden that he carries with a great deal of guilt, though we find out later that the hubris of the Time Lords would have ultimately destroyed the entire universe just so that they could win a war with another race of aliens.

The Doctor has developed a love for humans over his time with us. He is constantly amazed by our capacity to trust, to forgive and to love, but at the same time is also disgusted by our fear of and violence toward anything we don't understand. But, overall, he considers us to be one of the most enduring and endearing lifeforms he has encountered.

If you watched Doctor Who in the 70's and thought it was a little *too* campy, try the reboot on for size. Episodes are available through Netflix and Amazon - and you have to watch from Christopher Eccleston's Doctor on...don't dis Number 9. :-)

So in honor of my obsession with the Doctor, here are five Doctor Who memes - with no context at all.

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Thank you, Doctor.

Yes :)


  1. Anyone out there thrown a Dr. Who birthday party? Our almost 10-year-old is asking for one. So far all I've got is "tardis blue everything" ......

    1. Check over at Pinterest. There are boards for Doctor Who weddings and parties galore with lots of fun crafts and decorating ideas.